Three Phase Air-cooled
(3 – 45 kVA)


  1. Features
  2. Options
  • Fully solid state control circuit for high reliability
  • Synchronous motor drive for high reliability
  • Excellent voltage regulation as high as +/- 1 %
  • Use of professional grade IC’s for better stability
  • Zero wave-form distortion
  • Plug in type PCB with gold plated fingers for better contacts
  • Auto/ manual operation facility with selector switch
  • High efficiency
  • Volts set to adjust required output voltage
  • Increase/ decrease switch to control output voltages in manual mode
  • Voltmeter to read input and output voltage thru selector switch
  • Indications output on, input high/ low, output cutoff
  • Suitable input and output connection is provided
  • 110 volt output can also be supplied
  • Over voltage/ under voltage protection through contactor
  • Overload and short circuit protection through MCB/ MCCB
  • Changeover and bypass facility
  • Built-in spike suppressor
  • Digital Voltmeter, Am-meter
  • Single Phase/ Phase reversal protection

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